Support during school closures - Home Life

Tips for maintaining a calm home life

During these challenging times PaJeS is offering families a selection of materials
to give you, ideas, create a feeling of connection and community and offer you
guidance in supporting home-schooling and a more relaxed home life.

Life at Home

Send a card of thanks to someone working on the front line. 

This education website has created a hub of downloadable resources and ideas 

NetMums have compiled a list of great ideas to make a children's birthday memorable and fun during lockdown.

Superb Facebook group families in lockdown

Here is another Facebook group dedicated to Jewish Families in lockdown

Here are some great tips about being thoughtful and kind to your neighbours.

Take your time

Start slowly and RELAX!!! It’s OK if you only get a fraction of things done.

This webpage gives some great tips for learning at home

Keeping your kids active is incredibly important. This website offers great physical activities.

Wellbeing at Home

This is a useful resource for discussing and tackling fear and anxiety over Covid-19.

Guide to Support your Mental Health while working at home.

This document offers advice to keep yourself mentally healthy while in self isolation

You might find this link is useful in maintaining a healthy home life structure.

This article focuses on supporting teens during Covid-19.

Show this brilliant powerpoint to your kids to remind them of what they can do to stay feeling happy and healthy.

Ideas and Activities

This ingenious project called Grandparent school, enables kids to learn skills and hobbies from their older relatives

Take your students on a virtual tour of some of the most famous museums around the world

Fancy cooking with Jamie Oliver or dancing with Dame Darcie Bussell?

This article is full of great tips for parents working at home while schools are closed

Guide to supporting parents organising a self-isolated family

This article offers 5 top tips to stay sane during school closures

This is a useful poster that can be printed and put up to give kids an idea of things they can get do on their own

This website has multiple Lego challenges is perfect to keep kids occupied

Create a family themed Spotify play list

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